TVRRCOT AKC Trials – May 2005

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May 21, 2005
TVRRCOT AKC Lure Trials and JC Tests

Wylie, Texas

Whew – this day turned out to be a scorcher! The weather was mild when we ran the JC tests in the morning. Sadly, both Astyn and Duri showed their ADD side, their short attention spans only getting them through the first few turns .

The day grew progressively hotter, and we did manage to see some nice runs put in by the dogs with plenty of visits to the wading pool and water spraying sessions. Rocki, Magik and Boudie finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th – with Rocki earning a point for his effort.

When watching the evening news, we saw that we had record highs that day – 98-99 degrees! We knew it had been hot, but not THAT hot. We elected to not run in the trial the next day.

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