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Goodbye, Sweet Tassja
February 12, 2004

Tassja was diagnosed with a mass in the sublumbar area of her abdomen – it was about the size of an orange and nestled close to the spine, aorta and vena cava. The surgeons were not optimistic about its removal – and figured that even then she would only have 2-4 months. They suspected that it was even attached to the aorta, but could not be sure unless they did exploratory surgery. Tassja was also slowly bleeding out into her abdomen. We opted for no more testing and took her home for the night.

She napped on the big dog bed in the living room, and on the couch, and visited with us. She was obviously tired and showed no more of that vibrant energy and enthusiasm we had been accustomed to for so long. First thing in the morning we went back to our vet to let her go. Plenty of tears all around.

We see her still, not only in our memories and dreams, but in the progeny she left behind that are here with us. Sassi has her humor and that freckled face; Magik has her overall beauty; and Rali her endearing personality and flame red color (although much more of it!).

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