Silkenfest 2006

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May 6-7, 2006
Silkenfest 2006

Siendo Farmstead, Greensboro, NC

This is basically our Silken Windhounds’ national specialty show. This year it was judged by Anita Squires of Falconcrest Borzoi. We didn’t seem to have much luck in the classes, even when our dogs behaved, but Tyler made up for it all by winning BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW! This is Tyler’s 2nd BISS win – but his first at a standalone specialty. He showed like the little champ he is too!

For the first time, we ran our guys in an ISWRA race meet too. We didn’t come away with much in the way of placements – although Trouble won the Turtle Award for being the dog with the lowest score that completed all 3 races. It doesn’t help when you’re running against most dogs twice your size – but it was certainly an improvement over Friday’s practice when she wouldn’t even leave the line with a muzzle on! Poor Duncan – who was close to superstar racer Gideon in some practices, seemed to be pooped come Sunday. I think he discovered some new muscles with the workouts he had and was a bit sore. We’ll have to get him in shape. At least we know we have a crew we can start running at local meets without being too humiliated!

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