LSWC December 2004 ASFA Trials and Regional

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December 4-5, 2004
ASFA Region 4 Invitational and LSWC Lure Trials

Decatur, TX

Our star for the weekend was Rocki – who is finally showing glimpses of his former coursing self after being fouled in consecutive runs by a dog during a Colorado trial over a year ago. At the Regional on Saturday, Rocki won the Field Champion stake. Magik placed 3rd and Monkee 4th. In the run-off for Best of Breed, Rocki lost to the hot, newer runner . But we were very pleased with his day on the field.

On Sunday, Rocki again won the Field Champion stake, with Magik again going 3rd and Monkee NBQ. Rocki then won the Breed run-off! Since he hasn’t been tried with other breeds, and we didn’t want to take our chances with him possibly being put off by a “strange looking dog”, we opted to not run in Best in Field. We’re so glad to see him enjoying himself on the field once again!

We did enter Sassi on Sunday, since there were no scary black dogs there 🙂 She turned in a lovely first run – but unfortunately came away with a sliced pad and had to be pulled for the day.

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