LGRA and NOTRA 2004 Nationals

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October 30-31, 2004
2004 LGRA and NOTRA Nationals

Windy Glen, Boswell, OK

On Saturday at the LGRA Nats, Flareon won Best of Opposite Sex to the meet winner. There was a total of 20 Borzoi running.

On Sunday, the NOTRA Nats, Magik was Best of Opposite Sex to the meet winner. So many of our guys are losing their sense of humor over running in a circle . Several people seem to have the same problem as the total entry for NOTRA was 12 Borzoi.

At the Awards dinner on Saturday night, Monkee was presented with a lovely plaque commemorating her accomplishment of being the #1 NOTRA Borzoi for 2003! We will have to find someplace lovely to hang it.

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