International Show and Grand National Pictures

By gryffyn  Jul, 25, 2002   Posted in Uncategorized

Pictures from the International Shows
Got the pictures back from the photographer and scanned and uploaded!

Arthur’s Best BBE and BBE Group 1 (at the 3rd show)

Nikki’s BOB (at the first show)

Pictures from the ASFA Grand Nationals, Falcon, CO
These were taken by Dan Guass/Shot on Site. I will eventually integrate some of them into my website, but was too impatient to wait and share them there.

Flareon and Valorie Trantanella’s Zibby
Flareon and Zibby again
Monkee can look so cute when running!
Monkee can be interesting to release as well
Monkee running – extended
Monkee running – collected
Monkee was the BOB winner on Friday (from Open)
Miss T taking a turn

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