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February 1-2, 2003
GIT NOTRA Meet, Benbrook, TX

This weekend held some nice surprises for us. Sassi completed her box training easily – this was her first race meet ever. She was breaking well, and started to practically pull us into the box with her, looking to get to the bunny as quick as possible.

Monkee was really “on” this weekend, and on Saturday she won all three of her heats, with Flareon close behind. Sassi got the hang of things fairly easily, but has yet to get her running style down. In the 3rd high-point race, Sassi decided to cut through the rail to give her an edge on the other girls, and smoothly slipped back in behind the box to finish “2nd” – what a brat!

On Sunday, Flareon decided that Monkee had had her time in the spotlight, and the first program was a blistering race between the two of them, as they traded places several times, and ended with the two of them in a tie at the finish line. In the 2nd program, Flareon pinched Monkee off after the 2nd turn, and came across the finish line, with Monkee literally on her heels, with their legs entangling after they came across the finish line. A third rail had been added that morning, and helped deter Sassi from another cut-through. It also helped that Sassi was finding her legs and starting to settle into a more mature running style. In the third program, Flareon looked as though she had pulled something, although she tried to speed it up through the last turn. Sassi and Monkee were both running well, with Monkee winning the heat.

Monkee completed her JOR (Junior Oval Racer) requirements with her performance this weekend, along with earning 4 ORC/NORC points, with Flareon earning 2 JOR legs and 2 ORC/NORC points, and Sassi earning 1 JOR leg.

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