GIT NOTRA, January 2004

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January 31-February 1, 2004
GIT NOTRA Meet, Wylie, TX

More interesting NOTRA experiences for the weekend. It’s amazing how Borzoi just don’t seem to enjoy the experience!

On Saturday, Sassi placed first, with Kalipso coming in second. Magik also was introduced to the sport – having to learn to box *and* wear a muzzle all in the same morning. She did quite well, although in every single race, she came to a screeching halt about 5-10 feet from the finish line to try and remove the muzzle. Rocki decided it was more fun to run to the middle of the first turn, then switch back to run the other way. Doodle and Flareon just flat weren’t interested in running in circles today, and Monkee had just come into heat.

On Sunday, Magik decided that muzzles were no longer an issue, and she placed first! Matter of fact – in all the insanity, she was the only one who received a placement!!

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