GIT LGRA and Tri-State KC show

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November 5, 2006
Tri-State KC Dog Show

Tulsa, OK

Sassi won Best of Breed, but nothing in group.

November 4-5, 2006

McKinney, TX

Saturday was a HUGE entry of 23 Borzoi. Demi kicked it in and came away 2nd; Boudie was 4th; Magik was 6th and an out-of-shape Solo was 9th with Luci coming in 11th. Great to have them all in the top half of some swift competition.

On Sunday the entry dropped to 20. Solo was one of the ones dropped since he’s a bit flabby thanks to being inside most of the time growing coat for show. Boudie was 5th, Demi 6th with Magik and Luci dropping down to 14th and 15th (tired old ladies).

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