Cartersville coursing, December 2005

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December 29, 2005 – January 1, 2006
Cartersville, GA ASFA Lure Trials

Victor had been invited to attend a judging seminar to be held at the ASFA trials in Georgia, so he made the trip with a few dogs in tow, including Silken Windhound Josi to play “P.R. puppy”.

On Thursday, Boudie came in 4th in a large, and competitive, Field Champion stake. Unfortunately, the next 2 days he placed 6th, just out of the official placements. Of course, our best compliments came from other competitors present who told Victor that Boudie got ripped. Oh well…at least he got admiration from the peers that count!

Moose got 3rd of 6 on Friday – the courses were a bit strenuous for a young, *large* boy, who still runs like a puppy.

Solo was saved for Sunday, and ended up tied for NBQ in a large Open stake, so he was forfeited to save that run for a later date. He’s still a bit out of shape after being off for some time thanks to a badly sprained toe.

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