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December 30-31, 2006
Afghan Hound Club of Greater Houston AKC Lure Trials

Richmond, Texas

At the Saturday trial Boudie took 2nd and Solo 5th (forfeited the 4/5 tie). Monkee won the Veteran stake over Flareon.

On Sunday, after Finals Solo was in a 3-way tie for 1st and placed 2nd after the run-off. Boudie took 5th after forfeiting the 4/5 tie. Monkee had dropped down to Open to help make a 4-point major since an injury and a dismissal the previous day had lowered the points.

The winners of the Open and Field Champion stakes graciously forfeited Best of Breed to Flareon, allowing her to finish her AKC Field Championship! She had needed 2 singles for the longest time – we hadn’t run her in lure coursing for quite a while since in the past she had basically punished by lure ops for being fast and following, flipped several times in corners during her career, so she had kind of soured on the sport.

This club made fantastic use of a small field with wonderful courses. I saw some of the best runs I’ve seen in a long while, and the courses made use of some good straightaways with well-placed turns to highlights agility.

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