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RMBC February 2007 Specialty, GIT LGRA, San Antonio spring cluster and LSWC AKC coursing

By gryffyn  Jun, 19, 2007   Posted in specialties
March 17-18, 2007 LSWC AKC Lure Coursing Ferris, TX On Saturday, Solo took 5th out of 8 running. On Sunday we brought Harli and Foxx for JCs and they both each earned their first leg! Solo had the day off, so Magik and Sassi came along. But Magik was, ahem, creative, and Sassi declined to participate with the strange dogs. March 8-11, 2007 San Antonio Cluster Solo had a super-great outing! He won Best of Breed all 4 days of the cluster! Moose...