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RMBC Winter Specialty 2004

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February 14, 2004 RMBC Winter Specialty, Denver, CO This trip turned into something of a bust 🙁 We had entered this specialty since Barbara Dempsey Alderman was judging and she had finished Duri and said some truly lovely things about her. Unfortunately Mrs. Alderman was replaced on the judging panel and I was faced with a judge I normally wouldn’t have shown to based on prior experience. Oh well. The best we did was that Rocki won the...


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Goodbye, Sweet Tassja February 12, 2004 Tassja was diagnosed with a mass in the sublumbar area of her abdomen – it was about the size of an orange and nestled close to the spine, aorta and vena cava. The surgeons were not optimistic about its removal – and figured that even then she would only have 2-4 months. They suspected that it was even attached to the aorta, but could not be sure unless they did exploratory surgery. Tassja was...

GIT NOTRA, January 2004

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January 31-February 1, 2004 GIT NOTRA Meet, Wylie, TX More interesting NOTRA experiences for the weekend. It’s amazing how Borzoi just don’t seem to enjoy the experience! On Saturday, Sassi placed first, with Kalipso coming in second. Magik also was introduced to the sport – having to learn to box *and* wear a muzzle all in the same morning. She did quite well, although in every single race, she came to a screeching halt about...