RTG ASFA, October 2005

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October 30, 2005

WindyGlen, Boswell, OK

Monkee went out of character and turned in a prelim run that contained something resembling “follow”! She was in the running for a placement until she reverted to her old creative self in the Finals. We love her anyway!
Boudie won the 4/NBQ run-off out of 15 dogs running in the Field Champion stake.

We didn’t run Solo today feeling he may be a bit too stiff to exert himself against competition. We did have some practice with him.

We also certified Moose to run in ASFA, although we plan on working with him more before he enters a trial. And we also got 4 of our Silkens to chase the lure – Kandi, Evan, VooDoo and Trouble! We also had some nice practice runs with Bugg.

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