Rarities Shows with the Silkens

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Rarities Shows
July 27-28, 2002

Victor and I attended the Rarities Shows – 5 shows in 2 days – with our 4 Silken Windhounds, and had a VERY nice weekend! 
Show #1: Duncan won WD/BOW/BOB, with Josi taking WB/BOS
Show #2: Ivan won WD/BOS and Josi got WB/BOW/BOB.  Then Josi went on to a Reserve Best in Show!
Show #3:  Josi won WB/BOW/BOB and Ivan got WD/BOS.
Show #4:  Ivan won WD/BOW/BOB and Josi got WB/BOSIvan then WOW’ed us with a Best in Show!
Show #5:  Ivan again took BOB, with Josi getting WB/BOS and little Sola taking Reserve WBIvan then received a Reserve Best in Show and Sola won Best Junior Puppy in Show!

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