November 2002 LGRA Meet

By gryffyn  Nov, 12, 2002   Posted in Uncategorized

GIT’s November 2002 LGRA Meet
November 2-3
This turned out to be an exciting weekend! On Saturday, Flareon turned it on and won all three of her races! This feat earned her first place for the day and 4 national racing points! Coming in 3rd overall was Miss T, which earned her the points we had been waiting for, and she completed her SGRC title (Superior Gazehound Racing Champion)! To top off the day, Monkee tied for 4th overall and split the points (2.333)!

On Sunday, Flareon repeated her performance, earning another 4 NGRC points. Miss T also turned in a repeat performance, earning 1 NGRC point. Monkee made us ecstatic by finishing 4th overall, earning 4 GRC points and finishing her GRC!

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