NOTRA Nationals

By gryffyn  Oct, 14, 2002   Posted in Uncategorized

NOTRA Nationals
October 11-13

Flareon got our hopes up in the first program by finishing a few lengths ahead of our local “dog-to-beat”. Unfortunately for the rest of the weekend, she preferred to try and remove her muzzle after the first turn – a fact which we verified by running her without the muzzle in a practice, and watched her whip around the track. On Saturday, Miss T decided it was a bit too warm for her liking, and decided to blow off any more running for the day in the second program. At least she earned her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) title Friday evening.

The star of our weekend was Monkee. She won her class at the fun match on Friday evening (all breeds were combined in the classes). On Saturday we watched her quickly take to oval racing and learn to hug the rail early on. In the end, she won Best Opposite Sex (High Combined Score) for the weekend, and earned 2 JOR (Junior Oval Racer) legs and 2 points towards her ORC title (Oval Racing Champion).

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