Lump Adds a Title

By R. Lynn Shell  Nov, 04, 2012   Posted in newtitle, racing

Nothing like a straight-racing meet closely following the conclusion of a speedy bitch’s heat cycle when their speed tends to be affected by the post-hormonal slump.

Even so, Lump, aka Lumpus, formally known as FC Gryffyn’s Aeyrie Here With You, SC FCh, has added a new title to the alphabet soup attached to her name. She finished the requirements for her Gazehound Racing Champion title, eking them out in a tie with another hound.

Other items of note for the weekend: Ozzy is an ass and will no longer be participating in LGRA; Boo is a spaz but will keep going, Deuce (silken windhound) is way too social, and the ever-cute Pumpkin just loves to run but prefers the strategy of NOTRA (since she wins at that).

Deuce kept slowing down when he neared the areas where the foul judges or line judges were sitting – contemplating whether he should stop and say “hi” or remain in pursuit of the fluffy squeak toy. He managed not to stop, and on some occasions came close to catching up after his lapse in lure concentration – but in the end was his own worst enemy. What a goober, albeit a very happy, friendly one.

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