Kal’s Modeling Job

By gryffyn  Nov, 03, 2005   Posted in Uncategorized

We were asked to provide a champion dog as a model for a fashion show at the preview party for an annual event. This year’s theme/title was “Bestof Show”. Since we had been hoping for a litter from our “seasoned” modelMonkee that would have arrived this same week (sadly – it didn’t take), we volunteered Kalipso since we thought he would enjoy a social outing and is very good with people.

Tuesday was rehearsals so that the models could meet the dogs and get used to them. They did 2 brief run-throughs with the dogs. Kal’s partner’s name was Robyn. She was a little hesitant at first due to his size – but when standing onstage with him, she would scratch his neck and pet on him. He kind of rubbed off on her we think. He was certainly a much different looking dog than her other partner, Abby the Komondor!

Wednesday night was the big event – the opener for the charity Christmas market which runs through this weekend. The models’ clothes were lovely – the designer was Juliana of NY, which is sold by private sales, internet or home shows. I can’t remember who the male model clothes were by though. All the dogs (some of whom we see regularly at shows and even field events) acted like pros and the models were more relaxed handling them too. It was a blast to watch! All the dog owners had been given tickets
for the preview party and buffet – so after we were done we went en masse for the food – which was wonderful! Nothing like dog folk and free grub . Beer, wine and soda also flowed freely. After partaking of way too much rich food, we hit the vendors that were there for the show and found
some goodies to take home as well.

We also had our picture taken with Santa – one of the best Santas I’ve seen, with real rosy cheeks, button nose and fluffy beard!

I posted a few photos in Kal’s online album.

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