ASFA Regionals

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October 29, 2005
ASFA Region 4 Invitational

WindyGlen, Boswell, OK

Great weather prevailed in Boswell for this event and despite hard ground and it being a bit early in our running season for a 1,000-yard course, we were excited to once again be running! Solo won the Open stake with 2 lovely runs, although he was showing some weariness at the end. Magik and Boudie were still somewhat in the running after Prelims, but promptly tossed it away in the Finals – with Magik being creative, and Boudie being a bit out of shape. Monkee was her ever-entertaining self and even gave a steeplechase impression utilizing Don’s NOTRA track next to the course (see pictures in the photo album for this event).

Unfortunately in the BOB run-offs, Solo was mowed down by one of the specials within 20-30 feet of the ‘Tallyho’, hit hard in the loin area and he took a nasty tumble. The first time I have seen him discouraged at a running event, he came immediately back to me after he finally got up. The judges were kind enough to ask for him to run alone for a score, but the damage had been done. Thankfully on the next day his practice runs showed he still had enthusiasm for chasing when running with cousin Sassi.

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