ASFA Irrational Grand National

By gryffyn  Jul, 09, 2002   Posted in coursing

July 5-6, 2002
Monkee, Miss T and Flareon went to Falcon, CO to participate in the Colorado Lure Coursing Association’s running of the 2002 Irrational Grand National, featuring 3 days of ASFA lure coursing.

On Friday, Monkee was the only Open Borzoi, and in the breed run-off, she won BOB! Flareon had placed 2nd in the Field Champion stake, and Miss T 4th. Unfortunately, late that afternoon, Monkee started spotting – she had come in heat!!

On Saturday, Flareon and Miss T were the only Borzoi entered, with Flareon winning BOB. We ended up coming home a day early, so we didn’t get to run on Sunday or participate in the BIF Grand National run. Oh well…

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