AKC Coursing in Katy, TX – Monkee and Flareon earn majors!

By gryffyn  Nov, 27, 2002   Posted in Uncategorized

November 16-17, 2002
Afghan Hound Club of Greater Houston AKC Lure Trial
We couldn’t have ordered more perfect weather for this weekend. It was a fantastic and almost relaxing time! Flareon won the Open Stake on Saturday and went on to BOB. Unfortunately, she injured herself during the BIF run and was pulled. She did earn a 3-point major though! This is her second coursing major.

On Sunday, Monkee won the Open stake, and then took BOB by forfeit. Her BIF run was something to behold! We had several people in attendance who thought she had won it, but alas, she lost by 1 point. She garnered praise from several people regarding her running ability, even eliciting praise from a couple that owned Whippets – that’s HIGH praise! Her performance on Sunday gave her her first coursing major.

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