2006 BCOA National Specialty

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May 20-27, 2006
2006 BCOA National Specialty Show

Olympia, WA

Saturday, May 20 was both the ASFA lure trial and LGRA straight-racing. Solo was tied for 4th in his Field Champion stake but I forfeited him to save him for the LGRA racing, so he was NBQ. Magik had tied for 2nd in the FC stake, but lost the run-off, so was 3rd. Still not too shabby considering the other dogs present! Then on to LGRA! There was a field of 26 dogs – and Solo placed a respectable 6th (tied in points with the 5th place dog). The first 3 placers in LGRA were dogs that had NOT run in the ASFA meet and so they were fresh (in addition to being accomplished LGRA competitors). 10 of th dogs that finished below Solo also had not run in the ASFA trials and were fresh for the day. So we are very proud of him! Magik was 13th and was the High Score Conformation and High Score Oval Racer.

On Sunday at the AKC lure trial, Solo placed 4th in the Open stake and Magik was in a 3-way tie for 5th, which she won! Solo ended up 4th in the PowerPaws competition which was something of an “Iron Dog” competition for dogs entered in all three performance events.

In the Futurity classes, Solo placed 2nd and Deckard placed 4th.

Then on Wednesday came the regular classes for dogs. I had an offer from a friend who is an exceptional handler and admired Deckard – she (Dora) wanted to show him in the Novice class after seeing him be a pain in his Futurity class. I happily handed him over and after she worked with him a bit that morning – she showed him expertly in the Novice class and he went on to WIN the class! Solo was entered in the Bred By Exhibitor class – what a thrill to see the other lovely dogs present and have Solo go on to WIN over several lovely older dogs!! I was thrilled with the compliments the judge had for both boys afterwards, and I agreed with his assessment of them. We didn’t go further than winning our classes – but I am still happy!

We were off Thursday for the bitch classes since I had decided to leave Spyce at home. Friday morning in the Veteran Dog class, Arthur took his turn to show. Although he did not win the class (only a first place was given) – the judge did tell me when he gave us our medallion that Arthur was one of the ones that was truly considered for the class win. Later that day during the Stud Dog class, Arthur made the cut, represented by Deckard, Sassi and Magik.

All in all – we had a great time at the nationals, not only showing the dogs, but in visiting with old friends and making new ones and meeting those who we have only corresponded with over the ‘net!

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